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Kein AC/DC mehr, kein Gedröhne. Jetzt läuft Country and Western, irgendein Möchtegern-Cowboy jammert seiner verlorenen Liebe nach. Im Ernst, der Song könnte zwanzig Jahre alt sein. Oder Fünfzig. Aber er ist safe, das ist mir am liebsten, wenn ich Stoff durch die Gegend kutschiere.

  1. Fast Car – 2015 Remaster
    Tracy Chapman – Greatest Hits
  2. Ride the Sky
    Lucifer‘s Friend – Awakening
  3. Evil Woman
    Yesterday‘s Children – Yesterday‘s Children
  4. Thunderstruck
    AC/DC – The Razors Edge
  5. I May Hate Myself In The Morning
    Lee Ann Womack – There‘s More Where That Came From
  6. White Line Fever
    Bobby Osborne – White Line Fever
  7. Call Me the Breeze
    Larry Cordle , Lonesome Standard Time – Long Live Bluegrass!: CMH Records 30th Anniversary Special
  8. Sixteen Tons (feat. Jeff Beck) – Live from London
    ZZ Top, Jeff Beck – Sixteen Tons (feat. Jeff Beck) [Live From London]
  9. Life by the Drop
    Stevie Ray Vaughan – Archives
  10. Rust Belt Fields
    Slaid Cleaves – Still Fighting the War
  11. Rust Belt
    Charlie Hunter – Not Getting Behind is the New Getting Ahead
  12. Heroin Rag
    Clyde and the Milltailers – Folklore
  13. Dirty Old Town
    Lucifer‘s Friend – Awakening
  14. To Be or Not to Be
    Yesterday‘s Children – Lost Nuggets from the 60s: Garage-Rock 1965-1967
  15. Stand by Me – Live at the Late Show with David Letterman
    Tracy Chapman – Greatest Hits